About Brielle Davis Events

Brielle Davis Events is a boutique event planning firm working to help our clients celebrate all of life's milestones.

We work with our clients to plan and produce events that delight their guests, with details that feel intentional and personal as they celebrate with you. 

Our goal is for you and your guests to look back on your event for years to come and cherish the memories you create together. 

A boutique event planning firm, Brielle Davis Events serves clients in the entire DC, Maryland and Virginia area and also love traveling further for destination clients. 

I love to combine exciting and stunning designs with carefully though through logistics, to produce events that delight you and your guests.

After falling in love with live production in high school, I went on to study at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. 

After falling in love with live production in high school, I went on to study at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. 

Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with details and preparation.

Today you'll fine me incorporating what I've learned, taking new risks, and planning and producing events that your guests will rave about for years to come.


Straight talk, enjoy the little moments, gratitude, and putting family first!


Beating around the bush, making uninformed choices, or comparing myself to others. 


Answering emails, on calls with my delightful clients, taking a spin class, reading a good book.

daily rituals

Watering my house plants, cuddles with my dog Zumi,coffee, spin class, and red wine!

My Favorite Things

Wine! I love sipping on a great glass of red with my girlfriends or a good book.

my happy place!

The outdoors! Whether it's a beach in Mexico or the pond next door, I love time spent outside.

My dog. I have a little dachshund chihuahua pug mix named Zumi. She's the light of my husband's and my life and we love to hang out with her.  

My Favorite Things

Sunshine. Wayfarers kickstarter semiotics, quinoa godard dreamcatcher hexagon pop-up hoodie.

my guilty pleasure

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Ice cream. Microdosing gochujang keffiyeh salvia. Hoodie knausgaard art party.

Photos! Hashtag fashion axe palo santo fanny pack, ramps cornhole messenger bag asymmetrical direct trade slow-carb everyday carry chartreuse tofu godard.

“We are so thankful we found her and we can honestly say that the wedding of our dreams would not have been nearly as spectacular without her.”


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